Seeking aspiring marketers, promoters, photogs, writers, media artists, and party goers!

Open Minds Only

Are you looking for hands on professional experience in marketing and event planning?

The Näkturnal Internship Program provides experience in Integrative Marketing, Viral PR, Event Planning, Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, and Music and Street Team Promotions.  We are dedicated to educating and empowering young women and men to make their dreams come true.  We have been working with local universities since 2005, so you can receive credit for your internship.

During your time with Näkturnal you will get an opportunity to work within each Department listed below, when applicable.


Event Planning

Näkturnal provides event planning and event marketing opportunities for a variety of companies.  We have planned everything from charity events, fashions shows, and concerts, to art openings and community events.  We also focus on sponsorship acquisition which is a fundamental part of funding for certain events. Currently we are producing a bi-monthly artist showcase, that every intern will participate in planning and executing.


Our general marketing department focuses on our integrative and online marketing services. Learn the valuable skill of search engine optimization, the future of online marketing, as well as viral pr, blogging etiquette, and the process of link building. These services are also great for improving your writings skills.  Online marketing also includes, social networking strategies and  web site development and maintenance. Our marketing department also works on traditional PR, media relations, and media buying.


Do you love Pittsburgh, art, and music? Each semester we will hire 2 writing interns to write for NakYouOut.  You must be a Journalism or English Writing major, with some writing coursework already completed. 50% of your time will be spent creating original content for the site, in addition to assisting with site maintenance.

Media Arts

Traditionally we work with our affiliates and local freelancers for graphic design, website development, videography and photography.  If you are a senior studying one of these disciplines, interning in our Media Arts department is a great way to get hands on experience and build your portfolio.  When available we can align you with professionals in the industry to get more insight into your craft.

Music Department

Our Founder, Kellee Maize, is also a rapper/singer/songwriter.  Since 2010 we have been employing viral marketing techniques to grow her following.   She became the #1 downloaded hip hop and dance album on Amazon and Frostwire with over 1 million downloads, she released 15+ music videos, and she has had over 500 articles written about her.  In 2011, the public voted for her to perform at the Bonnaroo Music Festival. She has performed across the US and Mexico, in Europe and Asia, at the Zeitgeist Music Festival and San Diego IndieFest. If you have an interest in the music industry, this is a great opportunity to learn how to make it, without the help of a record label. An interest in hip hop or dance music is preferred but not required. Music Department interns will work directly with Kellee at her music studio, and will not participate in the other Nakturnal Internship Departments.



  • An outgoing personality
  • Consistent follow through
  • Available 12-15 hours per week


Spring Semester begins the first week of January and runs through the end of April.  You must work 12 hours per week for a total of at least 200 hours.

Summer Semester begins the first week of May and runs through the end of August.  You must work 15 hours per week for a total of at least 240 hours.

Fall Semester begins the first week of September and runs through the end of December. You must work 12 hours per week for a total of at least 200 hours.


We prefer you work with your adviser to do the internship for credit.

The application period for each semester begins two months before the semester you are applying for. To apply email your resume and cover letter to our Operations Director, Lani Redinger at

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